Featured In

Since its launch, Surviving in Numbers has been featured in international media. You can read these pieces to learn more about the founder, the online and offline reach of Surviving in Numbers, and to learn more on sexual and domestic violence.

Billboard Magazine, October 2019 (featuring our 2 A Billion partnership with Bon Iver)

Flaunt Magazine, September 2019 (featuring our 2 A Billion partnership with Bon Iver)

International Business Times        Teen Vogue      The Guardian

• The Katie Couric Show      CBS Evening News

 The Huffington Post April 2014 / February 2014 / July 2013 / April 2013


• Safe Magazine by Together for Girls (Named as 1 of 50 Global Heroes Ending Sexual Violence): December 2013

• Feministing April 2014 / January 2014 / April 2013

• The Boston Globe: January 2014, November 2013

The Daily Mail of London

The Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly

WBUR’s CommonHealth Blog

WBUR’s CommonHealth Podcast

• WCVB News (ABC’s Boston Division): December 2013/reaired in March 2014

• The Tufts Daily    • Viralnova