Our Impact

“Tonight, I decided that it was time to close off some of the darkest moments in my life. I chose to create my own Surviving in Numbers poster. Thank you, so much, for this concept. It has helped me heal and be comforted in ways I haven’t before.”

Survivors Say:

“Surviving in Numbers has been a powerful movement, not only nationally, but also personally. In a world where friends, family, doctors and communities can often silence survivors, Surviving in Numbers has allowed individuals like myself to lift part of the weight of surviving sexual abuse off of my shoulders. It has been a way for me to “exhale” trauma while realizing, perhaps most importantly, that I am not alone.”

“Surviving in Numbers was one of the first times I was able to say how I really felt about my abusive relationship. Because I’m not what a “typical” victim looks like I always get questioned, and with Surviving in Numbers there was none of that. I was able to tell my own full truth, and that means more than I can say.”

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you do. While in college, I remember submitting my story early on for this project, which looking back, was the first time I’d said anything remotely publicly about what happened. I grew a lot the four years I was at college, but one of those moments I distinctly remember was sitting there early in the morning trying to convince myself it was okay to press the submit button on your website. Looking back, I hardly recognize that girl, as I have grown so much since then. I think of this project often.”

“I knew the sexual assault was not my fault, but writing out my story for Surviving in Numbers helped me realize that more fully. Seeing other people see and share [on social media] my poster made me feel supported, and knowing others had similar experiences made me feel less alone.”

“I am a male survivor who was assaulted during a camping trip by other members of my group. Roughly a decade later, I haven’t told much more than 5 people what happened to me that night. Thank you for projects like this. The context and emotional turmoil shows it all. To this day, it impacts my relationship with my fiancee.
Thank you for creating this. Thank you to everyone sharing their stories. Thank you to everyone reading this. Thank you for everyone who speaks up. Just thank you.”

“Four years ago, I shared my story with you. It was the first place I ever shared. Since, I’ve told my family. Sharing here changed my life. It gave me the chance to process and feel strength.”

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